Insights from Investors: How a Family Office Decides to Deploy Capital 


Cyndx Insights Webinars take an in-depth look at global trends in M&A and capital-raising, featuring exclusive advice and analysis each month from a range of respected speakers. 

Key insights from this webinar: 

  • Review the Top 10 Acquisitions and Capital Raises for Q1-2020 and April 2020.
  • Recognize key fact patterns which attract family offices.
  • Learn which types of opportunities are most likely to win capital and resource commitments from family offices. 
  • Add new strategies for investing alongside family offices.
  • Discover new private companies in your sector of interest with a live Cyndx platform run. 

Cyndx Finder uses artificial intelligence to search a database of 9 million+ private companies and discover every business active in a particular sector — even for niche and international markets. Want to see it in action? Indicate your preferred industry in Registration; we’ll share results for the three most-requested sectors during the upcoming webinar. 

Arthur Andrew Bavelas 

Founder, BavelasGroup Family Office and Family Office Insights 

  • Developed one of the first private opportunity investor review networks for investors within the family office community.
  • Founded the Family Office Impact Summit, Arthur’s Round Table, Family Office Funding Challenge, and the Global Business Network.
  • Globally recognized entrepreneur, author, and family office investor published in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and many other outlets. 

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