Our People

Our people are caring, committed, and collaborative. We value critical thinking, encourage curiosity, and seek every opportunity to learn from one another while redefining the limits of data science, finance, and virtual office fun. 

Meet Our Team

James McVeigh Headshot

Jim McVeigh

CEO & Founder

Elise McVeigh Headshot

Elise McVeigh

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Ballou Headshot

Mike Ballou

Chief Financial Officer


Jon Murray Headshot

Jon Murray

General Counsel

Bridget Valdemira Headshot

Bridget Valdemira

Vice President, Finance


Sebastian Okser Headshot

Sebastian Okser

Chief Technology Officer

Prudhvi Dachapally Headshot

Prudhvi Dachapally

Lead AI Research Scientist

Shubham Pawar Headshot

Shubham Pawar

ML Research Engineer

Ethan Chen Headshot

Ethan Chen

AI Pipeline Engineer

Michael Bushey Headshot

Michael Bushey

Senior DevOps Engineer

Shadi Ramadan Headshot

Shadi Ramadan

Head of Platform

Ruben Contreras Headshot

Ruben Contreras Nuñez

Senior Software Engineer

Kyle Chan Headshot

Kyle Chan

Software Engineer

Stanley Headshot

Stanley Lim

Frontend Software Engineer

Chris Headshot

Chris Sheehan

Data Engineering Manager

Daniel Elkin Headshot

Daniel Elkin

Data Engineer

Paul Lee Headshot

Paul Lee

Data Analyst

Alexander Singleton Headshot

Alex Singleton

Analytics Engineer

Madhu Shree Headshot

Madhu Shree

Product Designer

Demetrios Manthous Headshot

Christopher Rivas

Quality Assurance Tester

Mike Van Genderen Headshot

Mike Van Genderen

VP, Head of Sales

Prithvi Kumar Headshot

Prithvi Kumar

Director of Business Development

Tate Headshot

Tate Socha

Director of Business Development

Josh Headshot

Josh Gresack

Director of Business Development

John Headshot

John Perruna

Director of Business Development

Kurt Headshot

Kurt McDonough

Director of Business Development

Wendy Canady Headshot

Wendy Canady

Account Executive

Demetrios Manthous Headshot

Demetrios Manthous


Kenny Headshot

Kenny Gresack

Sales Associate

Julia Headshot

Julia Dehay

Head of Marketing

Colleen Gardner Headshot

Colleen Gardner

Marketing Consultant

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Primary Responsibilities: Generate new business across mid-Atlantic corporates, as well as venture capital, private equity and investment management firms.

Key Skill: Perceptiveness

Favorite Food: I'll eat anything from an old-school Italian deli.

Favorite Part of His Work: Creating lasting, meaningful relationships

Primary Responsibilities: Build out the frontend for the Cyndx Platform

Recommended Reading: stackoverflow.com

Fantasy WFH Location: Avengers Tower with my man J.A.R.V.I.S.

Best Part of His Work: Being around super smart co-workers and learning from them

Primary Responsibilities: Cyndx's marketing and communications strategies, as well as overall brand and image.

Favorite Food: French

Fantasy WFH Location: Tulum

Guilty Pleasures: Petit Ecolier dark chocolate and Merveilleux

Primary Responsibilities: Providing solutions to investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms that help them be more efficient.

Favorite Food: Veal marsala over linguine

Fantasy WFH Location: Santorini, Greece

Favorite Part of His Work: Collaborating with colleagues and building relationships with clients

Primary Responsibilities: Helping investment banks, private equity, and venture capital firms leverage Cyndx to uncover opportunities and solve day-to-day challenges.

Key Skills: Ability to persevere and empathize with others

Hobbies: Basketball, fitness, trying new foods, reading

Favorite Part of His Work: Connecting with people and creating the best possible outcome for clients

Primary Responsibilities: Ingestion of external data sources; internal data pipelines; basically data *.

Recommended Reading: Foundation Trilogy

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Part of His Work: Creating a semblance of order from chaos


Primary Responsibilities: Providing administrative sales and client support across the commercial team and responsible for driving sales within the academia segment.

Favorite Food: Southeast Asian food and I can't resist my mother's chicken soup.

Day-Off Agenda: Quality fitness followed by a large meal with close friends and family.

Hobbies: Sharpening my Spanish, learning new recipes, playing guitar.

Primary Responsibilities: Creating and implementing comprehensive partnership strategies with leading venture capital and private equity firms.

Key Skill: Curiosity

Fantasy WFH Location: Palm Desert with a vegetable greenhouse

Most-Used Emoji: 🤙

Primary Responsibilities: Making it easy for firms to say 'Yes' to Cyndx as a solution to their day-to-day and strategic challenges.

Key Skills: Empathy and a sense of humor

Hidden Talent: Darts

Best Part of His Work: Mentoring junior sales professionals

Primary Responsibilities: All things accounting and finance related!

Day-Off Agenda: Going to the beach with my family

Guilty Pleasures: Wine and chocolate

Best Part of Her Work: Definitely the people!


Primary Responsibilities: Making sure our users are gaining optimal experience with our product and tools

Key Skills: Perseverance; problem-solving

Hobbies: Sports, working out, hiking

Best Part of His Work: Constantly learning about backend/frontend development and my peers!

Primary Responsibilities: Build out functionality and user interface for the Cyndx platform

Key Skills: Commitment to self-improvement; songwriting

Favorite Food: Anything made by Wendy

Best Part of His Work: The team and the new things I can learn from them every day

Primary Responsibilities: Maintaining and automating machine learning pipelines

Key Skill: Positive outlook

Hobbies: Estoy aprendiendo español

Best Part of His Work: Collaboration among teams; learning new things everyday

Primary Responsibilities: Running the Platform team --- frontend, backend, and infrastructure.

Guilty Pleasures: Cheese boards and LU Petit Ecolier cookies

Out-of-Office Agenda: Taking the boat out to go fishing or hiking!

Best Part of His Work: Working with colleagues I can call my friends.

Primary Responsibilities: Helping add new features to the Cyndx Platform!

Key Skill: Determination

Fantasy WFH Location: Earth in the Star Trek Universe

Best Part of His Work: Leveraging new technologies to create value in the financial domain.

Primary Responsibilities: Leveraging cloud based tools to transform data to find impactful insights

Key Skills: Kindness; keeping a very open mind

Out-of-Office Agenda: Eat, bike, friends and drinks

Best Part of His Work:  Family atmosphere

Primary Responsibilities: Build new data into the platform, and develop analytics for exciting new features

Hobbies: Acoustic guitar

Hidden Talent: Translating the Old English language; making his own mead (honey wine)

Best Part of His Work: Learning how to make a world-class fintech platform better

Primary Responsibilities: Creating and implementing comprehensive partnership strategies with leading global investment banks, venture capital and private equity firms

Hobbies: Reading, traveling, and music

Hidden Talent: Keeping a beat

Where He Spends a Day Off:  In the recording studio 

Primary Responsibilities: Helping Sales/Marketing communicate the value of an incredible product

Key Skill: Learning new things

Out-of-Office Agenda: Skiing, hiking, spending several hours curled up with a book

Best Part of Her Work: Coworkers who are always willing to answer share their knowledge or answer questions! Thank you!

Primary Responsibilities: Providing our people with the opportunity to excel

Key Skill: Determination

Out-of-Office Agenda: Golfing / Sailing

Best Part of His Work: Working with amazingly talented people

Primary Responsibilities: Build out functionality and user interface for the Cyndx platform

Productivity Hack: Headphones and Spotify playlists

Favorite Food: Everything 🙂

Best Part of His Work:  Enabling users to do more

Primary Responsibilities: 

Key Skills: Persistence and grit; visualizing concepts

Guilty Pleasure: Jalapeno-flavored chips

Best Part of Her Work:  Solving user problems with design and our wonderful team

Primary Responsibilities: Develop analytics pipelines to aggregate and structure data, design and implement data structures, develop the analytics embedded directly into our platform.

Favorite Food: Chicken Pad Thai

Hobbies: Hiking and skiing and spending time outdoors

Best Part of His Work:  Working with colleagues across teams to leverage and understand our data.

Primary Responsibilities: Building models to fill in the gaps for the data we don’t have, staying up-to-date on the current research, and thinking of new ideas to improve our products.

Key Skill: Sense of humor

Guilty Pleasures: Watching disaster films like Volcano and 2012 over and over again

Best Part of His Work: I get to work with amazing people who don't let my brain get bored.

Primary Responsibilities: Our customers' satisfaction, from the trial-to-conversion stage to day-to-day support issues and making sure they want to renew.

Most-Used Emoji: 😂

Unique Skills: Growing chili peppers

Best Part of Her Work:  Hands down, the people. It's a privilege to work with this team.

Primary Responsibilities: Make it easy for our developers to focus on their code and not be distracted by outside technical issues.

Most-Used Emoji:

Accomplishments: Founded a company, Bushey Virtual Construction, that became one of the largest OEM resellers of DEC Alpha servers.

Hobbies: Playing guitar, working with 3D printers and microcontrollers

Primary Responsibilities: Everything engineering related

Key Skill: Multi-tasking, determination

Guilty Pleasures: McDonalds fries, sausage biscuits and fish fillets, preferably in one meal

Best Part of His Work: The people and their ideas

Primary Responsibilities: All facility, personnel, and administrative issues across the firm

Favorite Food: Italian

Fantasy WFH Location: St. Barth

Best Part of Her Work:  THE PEOPLE....Incredibly smart team!!