For Investment Banks

Cyndx has the most comprehensive market mapping for M&A deals.
Identify the key global companies in seconds and win mandates

Find investments and acquisition opportunities while facilitating
your M&A deal flow

Access to over 7.8M companies, along with
financial and valuation data to supplement
your industry knowledge

See everything and miss nothing

Drive sell-side strategies and execute on mandates by pinpointing the right potential buyers immediately. Match mandates with the right investors for your deals

Expand your existing rolodex by accessing over
140,000 financial and strategic investors

Access Investor Verticals Intelligence (IVI) and see what
investments your peers and competitors are making
to better understand their strategies

Over 1.4M historical transactions power the
Cyndx search, making it the most
comprehensive investment
analytical and search tool

Filter and refine your queries to
highlight exactly what
you are looking for

Define custom filters by connecting your data
to further search capabilities

Collaborate with your
entire deal team

Built for workflow management, integrate
your CRM data and let it influence
and enhance your search criteria 

Share lists across your team and download
information to excel for further diligence