Create a curated global investor identification, and across thousands of sectors. Takes the guesswork out of capital raising, searching over 125,000 investors.

Identifies the most active investors in your sector

Screens investors based on check size, investor type, geography, and typical investment stage

Find Opportunities

Analyzes millions of transactions
to find the right investors, acquirers,
or co-investors for your deal

Strategic Insights

Financial insights into historical investments, detail on each round, the amount invested and their co-investors

Contact Investors

Expedite outreach with access to millions
of contacts (LinkedIn, emails, and phone)

Centralize Notes

Secure and centralized repository to track historical institutional interaction

Manage Equity

Permissions-based, cloud-based, cap table tools to seamlessly administer equity

Analyze Scenarios

Run scenarios in seconds to assess the dilution impact impact on your cap table


Permissions-based, cloud-based, cap table tools to prepare you for diligence

CRM Integration

CRM integration, one secure central repository for all your interactions, and full data export

Cyndx products

Accelerate M&A deal-sourcing

Simplify your capital raise with deep learning.

Secure, sophisticated cap tables.

See the next generation
of investment search yourself

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