Deal Sourcing

Over 300,000 concepts to target opportunities precisely.
Our data and trends analyses keep you informed
of market activity, while semantic taxonomy generators help you find companies primed for your sector of interest.

Source investment and acquisition opportunities

  • Filter targets by revenue, company age, employee count, total capital raised, or whichever investment criteria matter most.
  • Tag, map, and track emerging sectors. Pinpoint the most relevant investment and acquisition opportunities to keep your clients
    ahead of the game.

Find companies in need of
another round of capital

  • Manage deal flow and source new clients.
  • Identify companies projected to raise additional capital within the next 6 months, so you’re aware of opportunities before they
    come to market.

Connect with targets

  • Access contact data for any company to expedite outreach and move forward with transactions.
  • Improve your team’s deal processes through collaborative list sharing and user-generated company tagging.

Cyndx products

Accelerate M&A deal-sourcing

Simplify your capital raise with deep learning.

Secure, sophisticated cap tables.

See the next generation
of investment search yourself

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An Efficient Way to Find Relevant Investments Quickly

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