Shark Bait 2: The Perfect Pitch to Attract Investors


Back by popular demand! Join us  for another “Shark Bait!” webinar,  where we help emerging companies gain exposure, perfect their pitch, and attract the right investors.

On Thursday, July 9 at 4PM EST,  five entrepreneurs will have the chance to promote their company and pitch to a panel of seasoned investors, as well as our live webinar audience. This is better than reality TV, with firsthand, hard-hitting advice straight from the experts.

Learn what investors want to see in a company, where to find capital for your business, and the best ways to pitch an idea.

Key insights:  

  • Expert feedback on real pitches from 5 emerging companies
  • Strategies for planning a business pitch that’s clear, memorable, and compelling
  • What VCs look for in a startup, and how to raise capital in the current economic climate
  • How to create a pitch deck for early-stage investors, compared to late-stage
  • Essential things investors want to know from a pitch — and what they don’t.
  • The best ways to pitch your company, based on your business type or funding goal


Title: Shark Bait 2: The Perfect Pitch to Attract Investors

Date: July 9, 2020

Time: 4:00pm EST

Duration: 1 hour

Ryan Else

Ryan Else

Founder and Managing Partner

Roadster Capital

  • A recognized leader of sales, marketing and operations organizations with a 20+ year record of delivering growth in software, products and services to retailers, e-commerce, b2b, b2c, enterprise clients and distribution channels.
  • As President & GM of North America he led sales, marketing, product and operations teams in the development of direct to consumer, retail and product road map strategy for connected IoT devices.
  • Key leader in the successful M&A process that led to the multi-million dollar acquisition of their parent company, IDT International by China’s Sanpower Group.
Scott Grizzle

Scott Grizzle

Founder and CEO

Grizzle Capital, LLC

  • Maximizes shareholder value for companies with a focus on managing finance, marketing and legal for business plan execution.
  • As Co-Founder and President/CMO of CallMD, Scott implemented a successful sales channel to major insurers, benefit providers and a DRTV campaign, ultimately achieving the sale of one of the pioneers in telemedicine.
  • As Founder and CEO of Chance Entertainment, LLC, Scott developed technology solutions and services, such as casting and location scouting, for multiple aspects in entertainment, including feature film productions and project development.
Henry Ngan

Henry Ngan

Founder and Managing Partner

HHN Capital, LLC

  • A senior international investment and financial executive (Investments & CFO), a hands-on strategic leader with over 20 years of progressive professional management experience.
  • Speaker, lecturer and expert advisor in fintech, blockchain, and other forward-thinking innovation research areas.
  • Expert subject matter includes: Finance, Technology, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, Cryptoassets, IoT, 5G, Big Data, Transformation, Capital Markets, Portfolio Management, Investment Management, Risk Management and Accounting & Auditing.
Arthur Bavelas

Arthur Bavelas 


BavelasGroup Family Office

  • Globally recognized entrepreneur, author, and family office investor published in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and many other outlets.
  • Developed one of the first private opportunity investor review networks for investors within the family office community.
  • Founded the Family Office Impact Summit, Arthur’s Round Table, Family Office Funding Challenge, and the Global Business Network.