Specialized M&A, investment and discovery solutions for
financial professionals and entrepreneurs

Investment banking and M&A transaction professional. Private company discovery--ESB Professional/Shutterstock
Investment Banks
Map the market landscape and understand the key players quickly. Discover more to win mandates.
Private Equity growth finding best players for deal- UfaBizPhoto / shutterstock
Private Equity
Seek out companies to bolt-on or acquire, assess competitive activity, and access comprehensive insights
Venture Capital firm finding companies across multiple sectors. Wipas Rojjanakard / Shutterstock
Venture Capital
Source every player and map complete industries - protect and support your investments
Corporate Development arm of company looking to find private companies to acquire to increase growth and business opportunities: ImageFlow/Shutterstock
Corporate Development
Identify rapid growth and expansion opportunities for bolt-on acquisitions. Stay in front of the curve
Family office, money growth finding best players for deal- mothira/Shutterstock
Family Offices
Access information to determine the next suitable investments to align with your vision and fund thesis.
Two consultants talking over current project finding m&a solutions and investors for their deal/ Pressmaster - Shutterstock
Consulting Firms
Map market landscapes to identify strategic recommendations for clients. Leverage industry insights to identify competitors
Leverage market mappings to enhance in-class case studies and to improve recruitment opportunities for students
Access investors in the most efficient and organized method. Identify the most relevant sources of capital to close your deal
Game Developers
Find the right investors and strategic publishers for your next creative project based on your funding needs