Cyndx Raiser


Cyndx Raiser makes the process of raising
capital simple and efficient.
Raiser democratizes the business of
accessing the money your company needs.


Cyndx analyzes over 192,000 investors and 1.3 million
prior investments and acquisitions to better identify
the right investors for your capital raise

Cyndx matches your capital raise goals with hundreds of qualified Strategic or Financial Investors

Our Raiser platform derives its insights from millions of deals



Analyzed Transactions


Investor Portfolios


Company Profiles

Cyndx matches your capital raise goals with hundreds 

of qualified strategic or financial investors


Within seconds, Raiser analyzes millions of rounds of data and returns matched investors,
based on historic investments in your industry, and profiles their
check sizes, co-investors, and portfolio companies


Access investor contacts and expedite the outreach effort


Cyndx Raiser Product Video


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