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Identify the right capital partners for your company


Build a precise list of investors

Curate capital partners by type, location, portfolio, median deal size, and other criteria.

Raiser Benefits

Comprehensive Recommendations

  • Map out financial and strategic investors active in your industry and aligned with companies at your stage.

Key Metrics

  • Base your search on raise goal, competitive landscape, revenues, and pre-money valuation.

Expansive Global Investor Universe

  • Ranked recommendations from 150,000+ investors, including 2,800 family offices.

Investor Insights

  • Find the most active growth investors in any industry
  • Assess investor portfolio strategies and co-investors
  • Investment preferences

CRM Integration

  • Integrate your CRM system into our search engine
  • Make your investor relations data actionable
  • Export your Cyndx lists to your CRM

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