Cyndx Owner


Cyndx Owner makes the process of managing your cap table simple and efficient

At just $10 per month, Cyndx Owner is the most affordable, powerful way to manage your firm or portfolio company’s equity


Cyndx Owner lets you control your company’s cap table
securely through the cloud

Take Control of Your Cap Table for

$10 per month

You should not pay more for professional cap table management


Cyndx Owner breaks down your cap table into
individual share classes and shareholders

Easily understand the equity distribution among your
employees, investors, and  other shareholders


Automatically updated cap table and ledgers let you keep track of any share transfers, repurchases, or cancellations

Maintain a transparent record of events


Understand how dilution from future financing may affect your cap table over time


Stack scenarios to map out financing strategies to present to 

board members, or as diligence materials for investors


Hypothesize possible payouts and returns by specifying exit value at a specific point in time

Highlight each shareholder’s individual return through a comprehensive waterfall analysis

Features Built to Streamline Operations


Convertible Note Classes


Keep track of both principal and interest amounts

Custom Vesting Schedules


Create vesting schedules to plan equity distribution over time

Stock Incentive Plans


Issue customized employee incentive plans to help recruiting negotiations

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