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February 12th, 2020

Global M&A Activity

(for the month of January, 2020)

For the first month of 2020, Cyndx identified $127B in
M&A transactions across 2,376 deals

$127.8B across
2,376 deals

deal average

Yearly trend of M&A Acquisitions

2020 acquisition activity began the year slowly, with a 
decrease in the number of deals by 26.5% versus January 2019. 

This was driven by a 33.6% decrease in financial acquisitions 
and a 25.6% decrease in strategic acquisitions.

The value of January’s acquisitions deal value was down 23.2%, with the average acquisition
falling from $70.0MM in January 2019 to $53.8MM in January 2020.

Global Fundraising Activity

(for the month of January, 2020)

For the first month of 2020, Cyndx identified $78.5bn in
fundraises across 3,057 deals

$78.5B Total

Early Stage*

$26.3B Total


1,926 deals

Late Stage (+ Other) *

$52.2B Total


1,131 deals

The total dollar value January has decreased year on year,
from $115.9B in 2018 to ~$78.5B in 2020 (31.9% decrease).

The number of deals has fluctuated, increasing from 3,856 to 4,829 in
2019 (25.2% increase), and then decreasing to 3,057 (36.7% decrease) in 2020. 

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* Early Stage includes funding from Angels, Equity Crowdfunding, Grants, Non-Equity Assistance, Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, and Venture Capital rounds.

*Late Stage (+ other) includes funding from Corporate rounds, Debt Financing, Convertible Notes, Post IPO Debt, Post IPO Equity, Private Equity, Secondary Markets, Series C and later rounds, including non-disclosed series or capital source

Source: Cyndx