The Perfect Pitch to Attract Investors,

Ep. 04


Back by popular demand! Join us  for another “Shark Bait!” webinar,  where we help emerging companies gain exposure, perfect their pitch, and attract the right investors.

On Tuesday, August 25 at 4PM EST,  five entrepreneurs will have the chance to promote their company and pitch to a panel of seasoned investors, as well as our live webinar audience. This is better than reality TV, with firsthand, hard-hitting advice straight from the experts.

Learn what investors want to see in a company, where to find capital for your business, and the best ways to pitch an idea.

Key insights:  

  • Expert feedback on real pitches from 5 emerging companies
  • Strategies for planning a business pitch that’s clear, memorable, and compelling
  • What VCs look for in a startup, and how to raise capital in the current economic climate
  • How to create a pitch deck for early-stage investors, compared to late-stage
  • Essential things investors want to know from a pitch — and what they don’t.
  • The best ways to pitch your company, based on your business type or funding goal

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