Cyndx for SPACs

Unparalleled Search and Discovery Platform

AI-driven opportunity sourcing

Deep, global entity coverage

Identification of companies projected to raise

Cyndx is the first true AI-driven search and discovery solution for dealmakers, investors, fundraisers, and corporate development professionals.

Our intuitive solutions make it simple to surface acquisition targets, manage capitalization tables, and identify investors who are actively deploying capital in a given location or industry.

Access Cyndx's unique private market data and speed up your SPAC dealmaking:

  • Dynamic, NLP-derived taxonomy able to evolve with changing markets¬†
  • 11M+ private companies covered internationally
  • Up-to-date market data for any sector or sub-sector
  • Rapid mapping of niche markets and industries, including their most active investors
  • Quality-assured results for greater precision
  • Robust company profiles, with details on funding rounds, proprietary IP overviews, financials, and contact information

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