Cyndx Finder


Cyndx Finder makes
the process of researching and finding target
companies and investments simple and intelligent


Cyndx Finder is the most efficient
company identification tool


Analyzed Transactions


Investor Portfolios


Company Profiles

Cyndx Finder semantically analyzes textual data from millions of companies
to help you discover the right targets for your search.

Search by company, by concept, by sector, or by a combination of concepts and companies
(Uber + ‘Makeup’, ‘Drones’ + ‘Farming’)


In just seconds, Finder assesses your search against 7.3 million tracked companies
and millions of analyzed transactions to identify firms
that are related to your specific search criteria 


Cyndx provides a complete set of global companies matched and mapped to each search 


Apply dynamic filters to isolate the most
relevant targets to identify key M&A opportunities

Finder provides advanced insights into companies’ positioning
and operational potential


See all historic capital raises and acquisitions, and access key company contacts


Or, harness advanced searching to directly query the Cyndx database


Lastly, leverage your own data to empower your search;

Highly customizable searches with your CRM-data integrated


Cyndx Finder Product Video

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