Corporate Development

Our comprehensive private company search and discovery tool identifies and curates global potential acquisition targets across any industry.

Projected to Raise

The predictive tool to identify companies
which may require capital within 6 months

Benchmark your business against the competitive market and identify potential acquisition targets

Identify any market challenges before they become a threat

Source unique market opportunities
across thousands of sectors

Financial insights to help you find
hidden jewels

Assess the portfolio strategy of your competitors

Research company funding and key investors through over 1.4 million transactions

Network across millions of contacts and access our extensive family office insights

Establish valuation parameters based on custom comps

CRM integration (one secure central
depository for all your interactions)
and full data export

Cyndx products

Accelerate M&A deal-sourcing

Simplify your capital raise with deep learning.

Secure, sophisticated cap tables.

See the next generation
of investment search yourself

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An Efficient Way to Find Relevant Investments Quickly

Download Projected to Raise to learn about Cyndx's proprietary model for identifying which companies will raise capital within the next six months, with 86% precision.