For Consulting Firms

Cyndx has the most comprehensive market mapping –
identify the key companies globally within
any given sector, in seconds

Conduct advanced market research by searching and pinpoint companies with unique traits 

Global insights to potential business investors and acquirers, and investment opportunities for clients

Let’s you set the right valuation based on
benchmarks and comparables

Conduct competitive analysis and identify key trends for research reports

Access Investor Verticals Intelligence (IVI) and see
what investments your peers and competitors are
making to better understand their strategies

Match future funding rounds with the most likely
investors or potential acquirers of
portfolio companies

Identify the funding stage of any company and its historical funding rounds, with access
to over 1.4M transactions

Integration and management of your knowledge through our
CRM and search system

Share notes across your organization and support portfolio companies by introducing them to relevant investors

Expand your existing rolodex and get global insights to potential business investors, acquirers and new investment opportunities. Reach out with contact emails, phone numbers and linkedIn