Comprehensive AI-Driven Company Search

Search Smarter. See Further. Discover More.

Cyndx tracks over 8.8 million companies and analyzes millions of transactions to help you discover the best opportunities for your business

Our AI-driven search tools help you search and discover across a broad spectrum of alternatives

We provide you the contacts you need across millions of global companies, investors, and family offices

Opaque and unorganized markets need technology to better identify and bring potential counterparties together efficiently

Our tools are designed to empower users with AI-driven analytics to aid VC, PE, and M&A activity and capital raising

Cyndx makes it faster and easier for investors, companies, and capital seekers to find opportunities

Solutions for diverse business needs

Investment Banks

Understand the market landscape and better identify the trends and emerging players. Discover more and win mandates and get transactions closed.

Private Equity

Identify leading players or bolt-on acquisitions, assess competitive activity, and access comprehensive market insights.

Venture Capital

Source emerging players and map industries and markets–protect, support, or monetize your investments.

Corporate Development

Identify emerging growth and expansion opportunities for bolt-on acquisitions. Stay in front of the curve.

Family Offices

Access information to analyze and make investment decisions to better align with your vision and family office’s mandate.


Access potential partners or investors. Identify the most relevant sources of capital to close your deal.

Three powerful tools. One advanced platform.

Market Mapping +
Company Discovery

Cyndx is the best way to start any company search on a global or local scale

Curated Investor Identification

Cyndx precisely identifies the right investors for any deal, from seed to acquisition

Cap Table Management

Cyndx provides intelligent and affordable cloud-based cap table management