Waterline Data – Cyndx Finder Analysis

Waterline Data – Cyndx Finder Analysis

Waterline Data, a data management and cataloguing service, has recently raised $14.5 million in a series C financing. This capital raise was led by Menlo Ventures with several co-investors participating (Partech Ventures, Infosys, Jackson Square Ventures). This brings the total funding for Waterline to $37.5M.

Waterline Data aims to help customers make sense of their data by providing solutions to organize and catalog data. Waterline connects data (stored in a lake, the cloud, or relational data stores) to facilitate data searching, data governance for compliance and risk, and data redundancy mitigation (in turn reducing costs and improving efficiency). Waterline Data has large clients across the Fortune 100 and is growing, with offices in both California and Hyderabad, India.

Additionally, Waterline announced the addition of Robert Youngjohns to its board of directors. Youngjohns serves on boards of other well-known companies such as Densify and Sitecore, as well as acting as a Senior Advisor for McKinsey and Company.

Some Cyndx Finder Comparables (Private Companies):

These comparable companies have been generated using Cyndx Finder, a tool for Private Equity firms, Venture Capital Firms, and Investment Banks to analyze the entire Private Company universe and identify the most relevant and appropriate opportunities for acquisitions or market analysis.


Zaloni provides enterprise data lake management solutions to enable its customers to gain competitive advantages


Collibra automates data management processes and provides data governance solutions


Alation offers collaborative analytics to make data more accessible to individuals across an organization

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