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Waldo, the British contact lens subscription service, recently received a $5M investment led by ProFounders Capital and YYX.  This B2C firm aims to reduce the inefficiencies –  time, cost, and access to information – that are typically present in buying contact lens. Waldo contact lens are designed with eye health in mind; the lens are claimed to be comfortable, ultra-moist, vitamin enriched, and have UV protection. The company offers flexible, no-commitment, scheduling to consumers, allowing for easy modification of orders.

Launched only 12 months ago, Waldo currently has over 50,000 customers across the United Kingdom and the EU (27 countries thus far) and is planning to scale across the Atlantic, after launching online in the United States last week.


Cyndx Finder Comparables:

These comparable companies have been generated using Cyndx Finder, a tool for Private Equity firms, Venture Capital Firms, and Investment Banks to analyze the entire Private Company universe and identify the most relevant and appropriate opportunities for acquisitions or market analysis.


Lensabl provides online prescription lens services, offering scratch and impact resistant, ultra violet treatment, anti-reflective coating, and hydrophobic coating lens.



Optikal provides affordable subscription box that delivers contact care to your doorstep, such as supplies contact lenses, cases and wipes.


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