In the Spotlight: Techstars Music Accelerator

In the Spotlight: Techstars Music Accelerator

Sunday night’s Grammy’s brought together some of the most talented artists of the 21st century. Just as the Grammy’s aims to recognize and promote the brand of celebrities in the music industry, Techstars Music Accelerator is looking to acknowledge, promote, and mentor the next cohort of companies in music technology.

Techstars Music Accelerator, founded through its parent technology accelerator Techstars, is currently in its third year. Throughout the program, Techstars Music Accelerator will provide office space in Los Angeles, the global heart of the music industry, as well as access to investors and mentors from the world music business.

9 businesses, less than 1% of the total application pool, have entered a 12 week period of business development and mentorship from February 4th to May 2nd, which culminates in an exclusive demo day where the fledgling companies can pitch their ventures to some of the leading executives of the music industry, including Warner Music Group,
Q Prime Management, and Sony, to name but a few.

This year’s startups include companies ranging from applications of AR, assisted learning, and artificial intelligence in the music industry.

Replica –  uses AI to replicate voice actors for on-demand video or gaming voiceovers

EmbodyMe – uses deep-learning to allow users to control YouTube videos in real-time, customize, and share the videos online

Some previous Techstars Music Accelerator portfolio companies include:

Blink Identity uses facial recognition to help control entry at live events

Amper Music provides custom music created on-demand.

Endel provides asleep soundscapes in effort to reduce anxiety and improve mood




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