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Shine, a “bank” startup for freelance workers in France founded in 2017, has recently raised $9.3 million in Series A funding led by XAnge. The company previously raised $3.3 million from Daphni (also participating in this round), Kima Ventures and other business angels.

This banking alternative firm is building a comprehensive knowledge base on being a freelancer in France, where getting started in freelancing is not so easy. Shine SAS operates an online platform providing accounting, follow-up and administrative services to freelancers.

Shine aims to package everything newcomers to freelancing need in an app with the following features:

  • Guides new freelancers through the process of registering their company
  • Can be set up to send and receive money
  • Issues a debit card for business expenses
  • Works directly with platforms such as UberEats
  • Sends tax payment reminders and has a support team to assist with filing

The investment will empower Shine to launch a premium plan in the coming months with advanced accounting features.

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