Google: Breaking into a $140bn Industry

Google: Breaking into a $140bn Industry

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Tech behemoths such as Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft dominate a wide variety of markets. Now, in a recent announcement, it’s expected that Google will soon be entering a new industry after years of planning and strategic effort: video games.

Stadia, announced Tuesday March 19th 2019, aims to disrupt the $140bn video game industry by allowing its users to play high-end games without the need to buy expensive consoles or computers.

The games will be rendered in the Google cloud and will offer users the chance to play games at the click of a button, rather than wait hours for games to download.

Some hailing Stadia as the Netflix of the Video Gaming industry, we used Cyndx Finder to understand whether there are any similar companies using a gaming-as-a-service model currently. As you can see, we found 117 private companies in a similar space, encompassing game developers, niche gaming communities, and online entertainment spaces.


The service will be launched mid-2019 across the United States, Canada, and Western Europe.


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