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Fastly, a content delivery network (CDN) system founded in San Francisco in 2011, has recently raised $40M Series F round led by Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners. With this new injection of capital, the total funding for Fastly rockets to $219M . This Californian firm helps to accelerate content loading and serving by pre-caching website assets in order to respond to user requests. Moreover, Fastly provides a cloud-based platform through which you can write and deploy code.

The investment will empower Fastly to further the edge cloud services offered and to optimize the content delivery, security, and edge-computing for all the firm’s clients across the globe. Further, Fastly aims to expand its client reach into rapidly growing sectors such as connected vehicles and devices, as well as more traditional firms, which are beginning to embrace innovation, such as financial services and healthcare.

In the past 3 years, Fastly has more than tripled its customer base, increased its capacity by 775%, and expanded internationally. Fastly promotes diversity strongly in its core values as a firm – women comprise 42% of the company’s executive team, while 62% of the lead engineers are women, POC, or identify as LGBTQ*.

Cyndx Finder Comparables:

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Nuubit is a Platform as a Service that enables users to fully control and integrate their global delivery needs. Nuubit’s services includes providing CDNs, sharing access to image engines, and offering mobile SDKs to users.



Instartlogic offers a highly automated and driven by artificial intelligence CDN, alongside a suite of other cloud-based web products to streamline cloud, web, and mobile app efficiency.

. offers a global network of premium CDN providers at command of user (Uber for CDN).

. provides a software-defined content delivery solution that developers can easily customize web performance and security composition that suits the business.


Varnish Software is an architecture-agnostic caching API to support web technologies for content delivery.



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