Extra Insights: May 1, 2020

Extra Insights: May 1, 2020

Today’s Cyndx Insights reported on Goldman Sachs’s decision to invest in sustainability and agtech startup Pivot Bio’s $100M Series C. Find private companies in both sectors with Extra Insights, powered by Cyndx Finder.

Private Companies in the Sustainable Energy Sector

Private Companies in the Sustainable Energy Sector: 1. 3Degrees Group; 2. Star Energy Partners; 3. ZTRIC, INc.; 4. Invenergy; 5. Green Powered Technology; 6. Green Energy Exchange; 7. Enova Energy Group LLC; 8. Bromcom Solution; 9. Nexant; 10. CleanChoice Energy; 11. Advance Green Energy

Agtech Startups with New Solutions for Crop Nutrition

Biotechnology Companies Similar to PivotBio: 1. NewLeaf Symbiotics; 2. JoynBio; 3. Agrinos Inc.; 4. AgroLiquid; 5. Becker Underwood UK Ltd.; 6. Biagro Western Sales; 7. Intrinsyx Bio; 8. BioWest AG Solutions
Private Biotechnology Companies Similar to Pivot Bio

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