Extra Insights: April 28, 2020

Extra Insights: April 28, 2020

In today’s Cyndx Insights, demand rises for autonomous cleaning robots and telehealth — and investments follow. Find your next opportunity with Extra Insights, powered by Cyndx Finder.

More Robotic Cleaning Companies “Projected to Raise”

Brain Corp. raised $36M on Monday to bring its robotic floor scrubbers to new, much-needed frontiers: hospitals, airports, grocery stores, and schools. Cyndx had correctly flagged the company as “Projected to Raise” months before the announcement.

While COVID-19 has contributed to greater demand, the autonomous cleaning industry was accelerating even before the pandemic. A February 2020 report predicted a CAGR of 7.1% over the next five years, making the international market worth $2.9B by 2024.

For those interested in upcoming opportunities, Cyndx recommends a closer look at Like Brain Corp., the company was identified by our algorithms as highly likely to seek additional capital in the next six months.

Top Companies Similar to Brain Corps: 1. Aziobot; 2. Cybernetworks Robotics; 3. SoftBank Robotic Holdings; 4. Bridge Robotics; 5. Vecna Robotics; 6. Neural Ideas; 7. Robart; 8. Hichristensen
Autonomous Cleaning Companies Similar to Brain Corp.

Telehealth’s Newer, Higher Expectations

Medici‘s $24M raise this week reflects a sudden rise in status for telemedicine. Predictions began weeks ago that COVID-19 could increase demand for remote care options; analysts now expect over 1 billion virtual visits by the end of the year.

Telemedicine owes its expansion partly to recent changes in HIPAA regulations, but privacy concerns still deter many users. Medici positions itself as a service designed for healthcare providers which prioritizes security and simplicity. Of more than 500 comparables identified by Cyndx, OhMD places similar emphasis on HIPAA compliance and user experience, and is projected to raise additional capital within the next six months.

Telemedicine Companies Similar to Medici: 1. DocChat; 2. Healthism; 3. Doctor on Demand; 4. NeedStreet; 5. CarePassport; 6. Wellx; 7. HealthTap; 8. OhMD; 9. SeriousMD
Telemedicine Companies Similar to Medici

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