Extra Insights: April 24, 2020

Extra Insights: April 24, 2020

Today’s Cyndx Insights features FreeWire’s latest funding round and Randori’s $20M raise. See more of both sectors with Extra Insights, powered by Cyndx Finder.

EV Charging: Companies Going Beyond the Grid

FreeWire Technologies closed $25M in Series B funding yesterday. The San Leandro, CA-based company “merges beautiful design with convenient services” for power solutions that are simple, scalable, and mobile, according to their website. (Read the full article here. )

They’re not the only private company producing grid-adjacent electrification, however. Cyndx Finder identified over 500, including EverCharge, a developer of electric vehicle (EV) charging technology identified by our algorithms as 99.9% similar to FreeWire.

Top 8 Companies Similar to FreeWire Technologies: 1. EverCharge; 2. MARKS Engineers; 3. ElectReon; 4. ChargeWheel; 5. Enovates NV; 6. Momentum Dynamics Corp; 7. Power Edison; 8. ZapGo
Top 8 Companies Similar to FreeWire Technologies

Cybersecurity Startups: Still Growing Strong

Randori added $20M in equity financing. The startup, which has now raised a total of $29.75M, deploys AI to discover unexpected vulnerabilities before malicious actors.

Even with current economic conditions, Forbes expects the global cybersecurity market will be worth $270B by 2026 — in fact, Cyndx found 195 companies like Randori projected to raise additional capital within the next 6 months.

Top 7 Companies Similar to Randori and Projected to Raise: 1. SafeBreach; 2. Empow; 3. RiskSense; 4. ZeroFOX; 5. Anomali; 6. Rubicon Labs; 7. IronNet Cybersecurity
Top Companies Similar to Randori

M&A Opportunities Continue for Data Centers

Data center companies also made a strong showing this quarter — since the start of 2020, total M&A deal value in the industry has reached $15B for 28 deals. Cyndx analyzed companies similar to Interxion, which Digital Realty acquired for $8.4B in March, and discovered hundreds of comparables internationally.

Top Companies Similar to Interxion: 1. Colt Technology; 2. KDDI; 3. Telecity UK; 4. Telehouse Holdings; 5. Interoute Communications; 6. Global Switch; 7. euNetworks Group; 8. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.
Top Companies Similar to Interxion

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