60 Second Elevator Pitch: Breakdown


A typical elevator pitch takes around 60 seconds to deliver.
Now you can learn how to construct one in less than 60 seconds too.


0-10 seconds

Hook the listener with an outstanding fact about the problem your firm is addressing.

.Did you know ___ ?

10-20 seconds

State the problem as the TAM/SAM/SOM


In the US alone, over X ___ face this daily / monthly / yearly.


20-30 seconds

Frame your unique solution as a question. Don’t compare it to anything.


Imagine a way to _____ ,


30-40 seconds

Tell the listener that you have done that. Tell them how. Sell your strengths and past experiences.


With ___ experience and using ___ , we’ve done just that.


40-50 seconds

Highlight the product-market fit and traction figures.


Now, we have_____ customers and ___ orders. It’s taking off.


50-60 seconds

Close with a connection

. I’d love to chat more – have you a business card so we could connect further?

Elevator Pitch Example:

Did you know over 205 Billion emails are sent daily?
In the US alone, a person receives, on average, 85 emails whereas she sends only 35.
Imagine a way to reduce the total number of emails and consolidate them into one single downloadable file.
With my team’s 15 years of software experience and our use of advanced semantic analysis , we’ve done just that.
Now, we have 1,000 customers, 95 new orders of our software per month, and have reached profitability. It’s taking off.
I’d love to chat more – have you a business card so we could connect further?


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