CyndX named one of the most influential FinTech companies of 2018

CyndX named one of the most influential FinTech companies of 2018

CyndX: An Influential FinTech Company of 2018 

Financial Technology (FinTech) describes the use of innovative technologies, deep learning, and big data to make an impact in the financial sector. The rapid emergence of FinTech has led to the ‘modernization’ and reorganization of the economic bedrock. CyndX is an example of how a FinTech company can impact traditional, human-centered industries – such as Investment Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Corporate Development, and Entrepreneurship – to empower stakeholders in the deal-management ecosystem.

At CyndX, we are extremely proud to be recognized as a influential leader in the FinTech space. Our aim is to streamline the process of sourcing growth opportunities. To do this, our proprietary predictive analytics engine powers everything we do. We leverage advanced identification technology to analyze structured and unstructured data in order to make it easier for the right investors and companies to find each other.

Using traditional methods, larger financial institutions are not inclined to engage with companies looking to raise a Series A, B or C round, given small fees and the limited likelihood of success. The vision of our CEO, Jim McVeigh, is to provide curated growth opportunities as means to disrupt and democratize the investment banking process. Jim is paving the path with CyndX to establish a more equitable and accessible financing landscape. As a result of this mission, and his outstanding work in the industry, Jim was named a leading FinTech influencer by The Financial Technologist.

Recognition by The Financial Technologist and Harrington Starr helps motivate us at CyndX to continue to provide advanced and exceptional service to professionals worldwide.

Download The Financial Technologist’s¬†publication to learn more about the most innovative and emerging FinTech companies, and to read more about CyndX and our roadmap.



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