Cyndx Insights: VR and YouTube

Cyndx Insights: VR and YouTube

Google has recently announced that its VR video program, Jump VR, will be shut down by late June 2019. The platform was initially offered to push the creation of virtual reality content, however, it was this progression in VR and VR technologies that ultimately limited the use of Jump VR. At Cyndx, we wanted to know what types of content are available for virtual reality. To do this, we used our company/concept searching method to run a search on “” and “VR”. This searched the universe of companies that offers VR or VR related materials in a manner similar to how YouTube itself presents content. Ultimately, we looked for VR companies that use a business model somewhat similar to YouTube.

Our search returned a list of 496 companies, most of which (347) are private companies.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 2.56.15 PM.png

3 Most Relevant Private Market Players


  1. Zeality, a Californian firm, that provides end-to-end VR solutions for Media, Entertainment, and Sports industries.
  2. Livelike, a New York company, that brings the VR experience to your lap.
  3. Vrideo is a closed Los Angeles firm. The company used to help bring immersive videos from production to distribution, however it has now ceased operations.


As you can see, Cyndx Finder takes into account closed and acquired companies to give an extremely comprehensive and historic view on the market.

Investment Activity – Investors

The most active investors in the VR space include:

  1. General Catalyst, with 23 investments in 5 companies
  2. DFJ, with 21 investments in 11 companies
  3. Sequoia Capital, with 21 investments in 8 companies


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