VR and Gaming

VR and Gaming

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For those who cannot physically be at a sports stadium or live event, VR offers access into an otherwise restricted world.

Fans that cannot afford tickets or the travel to get to music concerts or major sporting events can now immerse themselves deeper than before through VR, and from the comfort of their home.

With binaural sound and high-quality streaming video, VR is as close to the real event without actually being there.



Investment Activity

Cyndx Finder identified 499 companies at the intersection of the virtual reality and entertainment experience market.  With a median company age of 4 years, we have seen 24 acquisitions and a median acquisition price of $45M across these companies who are delivering these virtual experiences and technologies to audiences.

The most recent acquisition in this sector was October 2018 when FMAV (which specializes in event-driven technologies in Canada was acquired by PSAV.

The median funding for companies in the VR and Digital Media sector we are seeing is approximately $2.6M.


The Players

Boost VC, Presence Capital and Techstars are the most active investors in this marketplace, with 39 investments into 27 companies, demonstrating a broad spectrum of investments and portfolio company capabilities.



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