SpaceIQ is a technology and software company that aims to improve efficiency in workplaces, by letting users manage space and real-estate. In recent light of WeWork’s acquisition of SpaceIQ, we wanted to know what the funding landscape and competitors in the workplace software sector looked like. To do this, we used Cyndx Finder to run a search on ‘SpaceIQ’, revealing the underlying data on the workplace tech management space. The search identifies the most active investors, most recent funding and acquisition information,  top public companies, and the most relevant operating companies in the industry.


Funding Landscape


The most active investors in the workspace management landscape are as follows:

Bessemer Venture Partners, who have invested 23 times in 8 companies in the list

Salesforce Ventures, who have invested 19 times in 7 companies in the list

Madrona Venture Group, who have invested 15 times in 3 companies in the list.

Notably, both Bessemer and Venture Partners have invested in the following companies Adaptive Insights, Zylo, Box, and Gaininsight.


Moreover, the most recent capital raise is by Office App, a workplace engagement platform based in the Netherlands. The company raised $4.84M in series B capital from SIGNA Innovations and JOIN Capital.


Similar companies


The most similar companies to SpaceIQ, as defined by company business intent, are the following:


FMSystems: a company that helps real-estate professionals improve customer service and productivity by optimizing workplace management. The company was founded in 1979 and is private (with an Accel-KKR private placement).

Planon: a software solutions company to facilitate management and real estate processes. The firm is based in Boston and was founded in 1982.

The Changing Workplace: a British intelligence company for corporate real estate. The firm helps organizations streamline and improve the management of their corporate real estate portfolio.


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