On-demand Tutoring

On-demand Tutoring

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The phrase “The Uber for X” has become synonymous for the on-demand industry. This viral term has been passed around to claim two things – the company operates with a similar business model to Uber (but in a different space), and the company could likely be influential in this sector (since Uber is one of the hottest companies around). With recent news of Hong Kong startup Snapask revolutionizing access to education and acting as the ‘Uber for Tutoring’, Cyndx wanted to know what other companies could be operating in the ‘Uber for Tutoring’ space. We ran a Cyndx Finder search on Snapask, to map all companies that operate similarly or as direct competitors. The results were 500 companies, 291 of which were private.


Most Recent Acquisition and Capital Raise

Of the companies profiled, we get insights into several other important information, for example, the most recent acquisitions and capital raises.

Zovio, a San Diego for-profit education services company, acquired TutorMe for $7.65M in April 2019. TutorMe is an online ed-tech platform that offers on-demand tutoring and preparation for tests.

The most recent capital raise in the list is Acadsoc, raising $15M in Series C capital. This Hong Kong company is an advanced online education platform for languages and academics alike.


Top 3 Most Active Investors


Techstars, having invested 5 times in 2 companies in the cohort

500 Startups, having invested 4 times in 3 companies in the cohort

Sequoia Capital, having invested 4 times in one company in the cohort


Most Relevant Uber for Tutoring Companies

The most similar companies to Snapask, and to Uber for Tutoring are the following:


Wyzant, an Illinois company founded in 2005, offers in-person and online tutors across a large variety of subjects.
CocoTutors, a Singapore-based tuition agency that aims to connect students with tutors as quickly as possible.
ManyTutors, a Singapore tutoring company that offers tuition centres, classes, and private tutors for students.


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