Netflix alternatives

Netflix alternatives


On-demand content has boomed in recent years. Video on demand (VOD) has perturbed the media industry, offering an alternative to the traditional cable access. As a result, the advertising and entertainment industries had to react to combat this personalized, and leisure-driven, form of entertainment. Now, many major entertainment providers are trying to capture a share of the market. Netflix, the largest on-demand service for movies and series, has recently lost over $18bn from stock market value of Netflix overnight on Wednesday after subscriber numbers fell in the US for the first time in eight years.

Using Cyndx Finder, we wanted to understand the on-demand market overall, and the private companies operating in this space. Running a Cyndx Finder search to identify companies similar to Netflix. From this, we tracked 309 private companies operating in the on-demand space, or whose business intent is similar to that of Netflix.


3 top similar private companies are

XUMO – a Californian-based company that offers VOD and Live video content directly to its consumers through online media, video apps, and streaming services.
FLM.TV – an Austin-based social TV destination, specifically for Indie Films.

Sparkk TV – an online, original on-demand TV network for web series


Interestingly, looking at the top 3 public companies give current insight into large tech providers of on demand content. Notably:

  1. Amazon, which has Amazon Prime as its VOD platform
  2. Alphabet, which has Google Play as its VOD platform
  3. Verizon, which has FIOS TV as its VOD platform


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