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Sector Analysis


Mindfulness, an act of focusing on the self and self-awareness, is rapidly gaining traction in the market in both capital raises and acquisitions. Empowered through technology, wearables, and the general push toward awareness in health, mindfulness companies are becoming more prevalent across the US and overseas. To understand the landscape further, we used Cyndx Finder to map the concept ‘mindfulness’.

The resulting list of 317 companies includes 294 private, 18 acquired, 3 closed, and 2 public companies.

Interestingly, the 2 public companies in the list, Gaia (Enterprise Value, $167.88M) and Yoga Works (Enterprise Value, -$3.03M), both have negative EBITDA.

The 3 most recent capital raises include

  1. a Series B round of $88M by Calm (provides applications for users to relax their minds)
  2. a Series A round of $10M by Simple Habit (is a mental wellness platform)
  3. a Series A round of $2.7M by Aura Health (emotion-based search engine to help people improve their mood)

Further, the most active investors in this space include

  1. Foundation Capital, with 5 investments in 2 companies
  2. 406 Ventures, with 4 investments in 1 company
  3. Sutter Hill Ventures, with 4 investments in 1 company


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Relevant Private Market Players


Looking at the top 3 returned results, we can see 1 Asia-based company, 1 Canada-based company, and 1 US-based company:

  1. Mindfio, a Hong Kong company aimed to disrupt the mental wellness market by offering information to all with access to digital platforms
  2. Mindful, a Nova Scotian mindfulness organization that provides magazine, event, and digital products in the mindfulness space
  3. Myndgazer, a New York company that combines breakthrough neuroscience with contemplative practices



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