Farming and Blockchain

Farming and Blockchain

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Sector Analysis

Agricultural traditions occupy a stronghold globally, and as the world faces food shortages and complaints are made against inefficient use of land, understanding how new age technologies such as blockchain are revolutionizing the farming sector could help in addressing some issues faced around the world.

An overview of the smart-farming landscape, analyzed by Cyndx Finder, has 497 companies with a median funding amount of $3M. Looking at the location distribution of the overall list, 121 companies are based in the US, with 49 based in UK, and 20 in Canada.


Market Information

This space has a relatively young company age, with the median age of the list being 4 years.  Among the companies, there are 9 acquired companies with a median price paid of $466M.

Unsurprisingly, Blockchain Capital is one of the a leading investor in this sector, with 9 investments in 4 companies. Another interesting leading investor is Future Perfect Ventures with 8 investments in 3 companies.  All three of the most active investment firms have invested in Blockstream, a Canadian firm that provides blockchain technology solutions and expert services in the crypto-space.



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