Digital and E-Learning

Digital and E-Learning

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Market Overview

The days of pencil, paper, and books are coming to an end, it seems, as trends in digital and e-learning continue to grow rapidly. Global Industry Analysts, a publisher of market analysis, accurately projected the growth of e-learning to reach $107bn by 2015, and now project 3X this, $325bn, for 2025.

We used Cyndx Finder to map out the digital learning landscape to highlight the current players in the industry. To do this, we used a concept search on ‘digital learning’ to uncover both the existing and emerging companies in this market.

Running a Finder search, we uncovered 498 companies in the digital learning space; among the companies were 398 private companies, 69 acquired companies, 10 public, and 5 closed (17 companies did not list their status).

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Public Companies in Digital Learning

The top public companies in the market include Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Enterprise Value $1.56bn), Pluralsight (Enterprise Value $1.42bn), and Instructure (Enterprise Value $1.17bn). Interestingly, these public companies are not all focused in one specific area, but cover a range of topics, including K-12, software development, design, and higher education.


Investment Activity – Investors and Capital Raises


Looking to the investment interest in the industry, Teach on Mars conducted the most recent capital raise, with a Series B of $7.95M in January 2019.
This 3 year old firm provides a next-generation learning platform, rewarding socially-enabled learning for business situations.

The most active investors in digital learning include:

  1. NewSchools Venture Fund, with 10 investments in 5 companies
  2. New Markets Venture Partners, with 9 investments in 5 companies
  3. Rethink Education Management, with 8 investments in 5 companies


3 Most Relevant Private Market Players


  1. eLearning Industry, an online community of professionals who aim to promote and share knowledge on digital learning
  2. eLearning Company, a company offering custom e-learning solutions for corporations, universities, or governments
  3. Instancy, a firm providing learning opportunities through web and mobile devices

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