Clean Tech Industry

Clean Tech Industry

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Clean technology is the sector of products and services that reduce negative environmental impacts through a variety of means. In a recent Forbes article, it is claimed that businesses could gain $2.1 trillion by embracing low-carbon tech, by implementing environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques, climate friendly products, and sustainable developments.

Using Cyndx Finder, we ran a Cyndx Finder concept search on Clean Tech. The result was 494 companies globally that are involved in the clean tech industry; 412 of these companies are private and 17 are public.


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Top Public Companies

The top 3 public companies in the list are

PowerCell Sweden – a Swedish company focusing on environmentally friendly power systems. It has an EV of $200M.

Borealis Exploration– a British company with the aim to generate low-cost electricity using new and non-polluting materials and efficient technologies. It has an EV of $53.5M.

Heliocentris– a German firm founded in 1995 focusing on autonomous and efficient energy supply. The firm has an EV of $52M.


Recent Capital Raises and Most Active Investors

Several capital raises have occurred in the last several months. Most recent being Carbon Engineering, raising $68M in Series C round in March 2019, and 6M in a corporate round earlier that month. Carbon Engineering’s focus is in clean energy and is based in Canada.

The 3 most active investors in the space are

Braemar Energy Ventures, with 11 investments in Enerkem

Waste Management, with 10 investments in Enerkem

NYSERDA, with 8 investments in 6 companies in the list.


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