Cannabis Market Overview

Cannabis Market Overview

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Sector Analysis

On April 30, 2019, Investopedia published an article “Predicting The Future for 5 Top Cannabis Stocks“. Interestingly, there has been some major volatility in these stocks, including Aurora Cannabis (ACB) and Tilray Inc (TLRY).

Building on this, Cyndx Finder wanted to map the entire cannabis market to uncover both the private and public companies competing in this rapidly growing market. To do this, we used Cyndx Finder to run a concept search on “Cannabis”.

Cyndx Finder analyzed the industry to identify 494 companies in this space.

Of these companies, 253 are private companies, 61 are acquired companies, 75 public, 3 closed.  The top public companies, understandably, include Aurora Cannabis (with an Enterprise Value of $4.92B), Aphria (with an Enterprise Value of 1.89B), and Emerald Health Therapeutics (with an Enterprise Value of $445.61M).

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The most active investors in this space include CanopyBoulder, with 9 investments in 7 companies. These companies include:

  1. Direct Cannabis Network –  a San Diego based firm that focuses on introducing startups and entrepreneurs to the cannabis industry
  2. Compliant Cannabis – a Colorado firm that provides compliance software for the cannabis industry
  3. Paragon – a Berkeley, California, based company that aims to raise the quality of human capital for the cannabis industry


Interestingly, the most recent capital raise is iCan, an Israel-based company, that aims to provide medical-grade cannabis access to people globally. The firm conducted a Debt Financing of $3M on April 2, 2019, and was led by Plaza Ventures.


Relevant Private Market Players


Looking at the top 3 returned results, we can see 3 US-based firms:

  1. Hytiva, a Las Vegas company that identifies dispensaries and strains of cannabis within specific geographic markets or for events
  2. Ellementa, a Alaskan company that focuses on health, wellness, and cannabis. specifically targeted at women
  3. Cannabis.Net, a Canadian company that wants to enhance health through cannabis science


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