Automated Delivery Industry

Automated Delivery Industry

In light of Softbank’s recent investment of $940M into Robo-Delivery startup, Nuro, it can be seen that major investors are becoming increasingly interested in alternate applications of self-driving or automated technologies.

Using Cyndx Finder, we wanted to investigate the automated delivery market in order to understand the dispersion of market players, whom the leading investors are, and which companies are raising capital or being acquired.

Softbank / Nuro Acquisition

A self-driving startup that automates grocery delivery, Nuro aims to remove the hassle and time associated with traditional grocery shopping. Founded in 2016 by 2 Waymo employees, the Nuro team has expanded to over 200 full-time employees and over 100 part-time or contracted staff. Nuro currently serves its beta market in Scottsdale Arizona where it has already partnered with Fry’s Food supermarket (subsidiary of Kroger). With the injection of capital from Softbank, it is expected that the firm will expand its reach into adjacent subsidiaries of Kroger or to serve a greater portion of the Arizona market.

Notably, this is not Softbank’s first investment in transport technology and automation. Other interesting investments include its investment into Mapbox, Uber, and Cruise.

Recent Acquisitions and Financings in this Industry

Using Cyndx Finder, some notable acquisitions and financings in the automated delivery and robotics space include:

  1. Lyft’s acquisition of Blue Vision Labs
  2. LightOn’s Seed round of $3.3M
  3. RightHand Robotics Series B of $23M

Most Active Investors

Using Cyndx Finder, we can pinpoint the most active investors in the automated delivery and robotics space as:

  1. Intel Capital – investing 20 times in 9 companies
    (of the 499 cohort generated by Cyndx Finder)
  2. Techstars – investing 18 times in 13 companies
    (of the 499 cohort generated by Cyndx Finder)
  3. Right Side Capital Management – investing 11 times in 7 companies
    (of the 499cohort generated by Cyndx Finder)

Companies similar to Nuro

Using Cyndx Finder, we can also decompose the industry landscape into similar or adjacent players. Using our proprietary scoring system, we can identify similar companies to Nuro:

Torc –  acts as a self-driving company as well as a partner to innovative companies in order to propel the self-driving revolution. Torc has proof of concept self-driving technologies in fields of shuttle transport, defense departments, and infrastructure projects.

Yitu Technology – provides high performance computing in city-based technologies. It improves traffic management, deployment, guidance, and road administration reform. In context of Nuro, the technology can be hypothetically used to to inform the delivery automaton to better navigate the roads and optimize travel efficiency.


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