AR and Retail

AR and Retail

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Apple’s ARKIT and Google’s ARCore augmented reality have made retail enhanced AR experiences a reality.

Brands and software developers are working together to find ways to bring technology to traditional brick and mortar retail.  Whether it’s augmented showrooms or at shelf product enhancements, AR can facilitate the delivery of information, advertising and turn retail into a far more engaging consumer experience.

Investment Activity

Cyndx Finder identified 497 companies at the intersection of Augmented reality and retail technology.  With a median company age of 5 years, we have seen 24 acquisitions and a median acquisition price of $8M.

The most recent acquisition in this sector was February 2019 when Besomebody Inc acquired Pixelbug which develops software solutions to drive engagement and conversion.  Pixelbug had raised prior capital through three seed rounds for $473K, which included Boost VC in the third seed round.

The average investment into the AR and retail technology market has been $1.16M.


The Players

This market is seeing the most activity from early round investors such as SV Angel, Techstars and Boost VC, which have made 29 investments into 16 companies in this space.AR_Retail



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