Alternative Meat Market

Alternative Meat Market

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Global sustainability, and most specifically food sustainability, has been increasingly spoken about in the last several months. With Beyond Meat’s successful IPO (with a share price nearly 200% its opening value in just under 2 months), markets are hot to discover the next impactful entry into the Alternative Meat, or food, industry. Some analysts claim that within a decade, alternative meat industry will reach $140bn (source: CNBC). Most sources speak to lab-grown meats, however less is spoken about natural alternatives, such as insect-based proteins.

Using Cyndx Finder, we ran a Cyndx Finder concept search on ‘insects‘ and ‘sustainable food‘. The result was 499 companies globally that are involved in the sustainable food industry and and use insects as part of their product offerings; 350 of these companies are private and 6 are public, the rest are closed, acquired, or their status is unknown.


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Most Recent Acquisition

The most recent acquisition in the list is the acquisition of Fair Insects, a source and distributor of several types of dried insect and meal,  by Protix Biosystems.
Protix Biosystems is a dutch multinational company focused on manufacturing and supplying insect ingredients for human and animal consumption.


Recent Capital Raises

The two most recent firms to conduct capital raises are

  1. Hargol FoodTech – raising $200K over two rounds. Hargol is a commercial grasshopper farm based in Israel
  2. Hexafly – raising $1.26M. Hexafly is an Irish firm that develops sustainable sources from insect farming, chitin farming, and the plant nutrition industry


Most Active Investors

The most 3 active investors in this industry are

  1. SOSV, investing 10 times in 4 companies in the list
  2. Flagship Pioneering, investing 7 times in 1 company in the list
  3. Monsanto Growth Ventures, investing 6 times in 1 company in the list


Top 3 Companies in the list

  1. Grubs Up: an insect farm established in 2016 in Australia with a primary focus to bring insect production for animal and human nutrition to the forefront
  2. LIVIN Farms: a firm founded in 2015 that provides desktop hives for harvesting edible insects.
  3. Organic Nutrition: a company that develops hydroponics, aquaculture, and mass insect production to increase sustainability and food resources


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