Cyndx Insights: Alooma

Cyndx Insights: Alooma



In response to Google’s announcement on the intention to acquire Alooma, we wondered who the other key companies in the Cloud Migration space are and who the leading investors in this space are too.

As can be seen, Cyndx Finder navigates the entire universe of firms and investors to identify the top players in the cloud services market.

The top 3 most similar companies to Alooma include:

  1. Infochimps: a cloud service that manages complex data environments and provides custom analytics
  2. HevoData: allows businesses to harness their own data to make more efficient decisions
  3. QuerySurge: a smart testing and reporting solution for Big Data

The most recent acquisitions (not including the intended acquisition of Alooma) are:

  1. Salesforce acquiring
  2. Guavus acquiring SQLStream
  3. Microsoft acquiring Citus Data

The most active investors in this space are

  1. New Enterprise Associates with 44 investments in 13 companies (of the 497 generated through Cyndx Finder)
  2. Accel with 37 investments in 12 companies (of the 497 generated through Cyndx Finder)
  3. Intel Capital with 33 investments in 16 companies (of the 497 generated through Cyndx Finder)

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