AI + Advertising

AI + Advertising

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As the digital realm continues to dominate and attract a greater share of advertising revenues, so does the need for intelligent and targeted advertising to provide brands with precision waste-free targeting and greater ROI.

Most modern digital advertising techniques today implement AI tools to reduce costs and remain programmatic and relevant to consumers.  Today marketers can make data-driven decisions based on powerful analytic tools and platforms which utilize machine learning to identify patterns in consumer behavior.


Investment Activity

Cyndx Finder discovered 500 such companies around the world who were utilizing AI for the purpose of highly effective and targeted advertising.  With a median company age of 8 years, this industry has already seen 92 acquisitions with a median acquisition price of $90M.

One of the most recent acquisition in this sector was in November 2018 when Downstream, a mobile programmatic advertising solution was acquired by Snap.

New capital continues to flow into the sector with the median funding Cyndx is seeing in this sector of $7.75M per round.


Key Players

The top investors we are seeing in the AI/Targeted Advertising space are Accel, First Round Capital and General Catalyst.   Collectively, they have participated in 69 rounds and 19 companies.  General Catalyst has focused its investments into 4 primary companies with follow-on investments in each.





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