Cyndx Finder: Discover the World of Private Companies

Cyndx Finder: Discover the World of Private Companies

Cyndx Finder modernizes and streamlines company research and sourcing by providing access to the global universe of companies, broken down by intelligent and similarity searching.


The process of conducting due diligence on companies and management teams is taxing. The first step, company sourcing and information collection, often takes weeks of work, a team of analysts, and a lot of coffee.

Cyndx Finder cuts this down to seconds by dynamically analyzing textual and relationship data from millions of companies and pinpointing similar connections between firms. Since firms are ranked relevant to your search parameters, and include hyper-relevant data based on your search, Cyndx Finder significantly reduces manual research and profile summarizing.



Cyndx Finder: Conceptualize and Conquer

But what if you are looking for the Uber for Makeup? The AirBnB for Boats? The Facebook for Dogs?

A traditional google search of ‘Uber + Makeup’ may highlight a company or two relevant to your concept search but you are still left with identifying more companies similar to these…and you will still need to conduct company diligence and research… sigh.

However, unlike Google, or any other technology, Cyndx Finder ingests this abstract comparison and returns an output that merges the inputted company with the inputted concept – a list of companies that are functionally similar to the inputs.

So, for Uber + Makeup, rather than getting companies like Lyft, DiDi, Sephora, or MAC, which are typical companies in the ride-sharing and makeup spaces respectively, the result is a mapping of makeup companies that operate like ride-sharing businesses.


Uber + Makeup


beGlammed is the leading on-demand beauty service sending the industry’s best hairstylists, makeup artists, and nail techs straight to your door!

GLAMSQUAD supplies your pro team for hair, makeup, and nails – anytime, anywhere

StyleInGo is a beauty on-demand service

Not only does this result in a more comprehensive view of the key players in this niche industry, it provides useful information too – such as funding history and employee contact information, saving both your team weeks of time and your firm significant research costs.


Let’s try our other examples:

AirBnB + Boats



Boatbound is a fully insured pier-to-pier marketplace for boat rentals in the US

GoSaily is a social marketplace for renting sailboats and sharing sailing experiences in Italy

Bluewago is an online marketplace for people inter in finding a boat vacation



Facebook + Dogs

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 12.13.58.png

BarkNBorrow is a community for dogs and people who love them!

PetBu is a mobile app with a mission to help you document and celebrate your pets’ adventures

GlobalDog is the social app for dog lovers to connect, discover, and adopt


Virtual + Keyboard

Alternatively, we can take 2 concepts such as “Virtual” + “Keyboard” and understand the space where companies merge the utility of virtual reality and keyboards.

virtual keyboard.gif

CTX Virtual Technologies manufactures and sells multi-touch mobile communication and electronic devices including virtual keyboards and applications

Pinc expands your smartphone into an interactive virtual reality experience with vision-based multi-cursor controls

Leap Motion is a software and hardware company developing 3D motion-control technology for virtual reality and additional platforms



With this advanced technology on hand, opportunities are endless. Competitive researching, whitespace analysis, and comparable company sourcing are streamlined, whether you are sitting at your desk, commuting to work, or running late to a meeting. With the universe of private companies in your pocket, Cyndx Finder will help you find the ideal target.

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