Cyndx 3.0 Makes it Even Easier to Quickly Find the Next Unicorn

Cyndx 3.0 Makes it Even Easier to Quickly Find the Next Unicorn

Cyndx, the leading investment search and discovery tool, today announced the launch of Cyndx 3.0 to incorporate precision filtering and collaborative toolkits into the world’s most comprehensive investment search platform.


Using artificial intelligence and semantic processing, Cyndx analyzes textual data from more than 7.3 million companies and 1.4 million transactions. Cyndx provides a complete set of global companies matched and mapped to each custom search in order to help investors, investment bankers, family offices, business owners, and entrepreneurs find each other faster and more effectively.


“Cyndx tracks twice as many private companies as other data platforms and provides the most comprehensive search results for any deal,” said Jim McVeigh, founder and CEO of Cyndx. “With Cyndx 3.0 these results can be further tailored to serve the individual needs of companies and investors looking for new acquisitions, investments and fundraising opportunities,” he explained. “Just as important, it helps both sides to find right strategic targets they otherwise would never have known about,” he said.


McVeigh led the Internet and Cable banking groups at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He created the Cyndx platform to give investors, advisors, companies and entrepreneurs a competitive advantage in their search for investors or target investments.


Cyndx 3.0 finds suitable investors for companies and identifies opportunities that previously went unnoticed. The new interface precisely highlights the most relevant companies, investors, and opportunities, and provides complete insights and full contact details to expedite outreach.


“Cyndx solves one of the biggest pain points for most companies, especially startups: the time consuming process of identifying the right investors during the raising capital process,” said Mr. McVeigh. “Entrepreneurs and other business owners who use Cyndx to raise capital have more time to invest in running their business,” he said. “Cyndx provides the most complete market picture to help investors and bankers identify unicorns before anyone else.”


Cyndx 3.0 also includes new and more precise filtering options, such as localized geography filters by state and province, as well as fields including EBITDA and enterprise value, allowing users to efficiently isolate the most relevant targets. Also new to the platform are improved collaboration capabilities for users looking to share search results and market maps with fellow team members for input.



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