Custom Comparables, Powering Your Private Company Valuation Analyses

Custom Comparables, Powering Your Private Company Valuation Analyses

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Custom Comparables is a powerful new feature available on the Cyndx platform that displays select valuation multiples for similar, publicly traded companies based on your search criteria.

In one simple step, companies can be added, or removed, from your search criteria to dynamically adjust the relevant publicly-traded companies included in the analysis, thus, customizing the valuation displays results based on your specific query.

Custom Comparables on the Cyndx platform

Leveraging a dataset of over 7.9M companies, you can identify the most relevant comparables based on operating activities and business models. From here, you can easily establish a framework for valuations based on public company trading metrics; the comparables modal displays the average, minimum, maximum, and median EV/Revenue and EV/EBITDA multiples for each set of publicly-traded companies.

You can adjust and recalculate multiples instantly, importing companies into your valuation toolset.

Feel free to reach out to schedule a quick demo of Custom Comparables and see how powerful, yet simple, comparable analyses can be.   

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