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Top 4 tips when reaching out to investors

Graphic: LanKogel/Shutterstock Raising capital is often both exciting and frustrating. Usually, the capital raise process begins with a single e-mail or phone-call made to a family member, friend or old colleague. The process can be extremely nerve-racking, especially if you don’t get an immediate response after sending out that initial set of emails. Here are…

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Recommended Due Diligence: What to Prepare for Investors

Preparing for Due Diligence . When you plan to raise capital from investors, you should be prepared to provide them with documents relating to all areas of your firm. Investors play a high-risk game, especially when investing in early and growth stage companies. Investors want to know whether you can measure up to the competition,…

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60 Second Elevator Pitch: Breakdown

. A typical elevator pitch takes around 60 seconds to deliver. Now you can learn how to construct one in less than 60 seconds too. . 0-10 seconds Hook the listener with an outstanding fact about the problem your firm is addressing. .Did you know ___ ? . 10-20 seconds State the problem as the…

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Content Essentials of Pitch Decks

Preparation is key when trying to raise capital. Not only do investors prefer working with companies who are ready for their raise, they prefer clear organization in presentation. It is vital for you, as the leader of your firm, to keep your firm’s road-map transparent to overall strategy. Simple as they may look, pitch decks…

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