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Clean Tech Industry

Graphic: Smile Fight / Shutterstock   Clean technology is the sector of products and services that reduce negative environmental impacts through a variety of means. In a recent Forbes article, it is claimed that businesses could gain $2.1 trillion by embracing low-carbon tech, by implementing environmentally-friendly manufacturing techniques, climate friendly products, and sustainable developments. Using…

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Brex and the Corporate Financing Market

Graphic: Evgeny Atamanenko / Shutterstock Brex, the self-proclaimed “Smartest card in the Room”, has recently raised another $100M of capital, only 6 months after its last round of $125M. Notably, in the last 6 months, the San Francisco-based firm has risen from a fresh unicorn ($1.1bn valuation) to much more established firm with $2.6bn valuation.…

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Graphic: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock Launched in 2014, Casper, a company specializing in custom multilayer foam mattresses, recently reached a $1.1bn valuation, and is expected to IPO later this year. Casper takes advantage over the recent Direct-to-Consumer trend. Casper ships mattresses to consumers nationwide, each mattress ranging between $350 and $2,750. As the company looms…

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Graphic: Sudowoodo/Shutterstock Sector Analysis   Mindfulness, an act of focusing on the self and self-awareness, is rapidly gaining traction in the market in both capital raises and acquisitions. Empowered through technology, wearables, and the general push toward awareness in health, mindfulness companies are becoming more prevalent across the US and overseas. To understand the landscape…

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