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Cyndx’s Projected2Raise Algorithm Predicts Which Private Firms May Need Capital

Graphic: dTosh/ Projected2Raise Cyndx recently integrated a new AI-driven feature called “Projected to Raise” into Cyndx Finder. Projected2Raise uses artificial intelligence to examine publicly available information to identify individual companies that are likely to raise capital in the next six months. Trained from hundreds of thousands of financing transactions and over 15 years of data,…

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The Virtual and Augmented Reality Market

Introduction & Definitions While virtual and augmented reality’s spectacular capabilities have drawn the attention of technology enthusiasts globally, the public generally overlooks the serious business potential of the products. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) leverage similar technologies to present a user with sensory stimuli that create a perceived change in environment. Virtual reality…

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The (Machine) Learning Curve: Understanding Artificial Intelligence and its Applications

  “[Artificial Intelligence] is poised to transform business in ways we’ve not seen since the impact of computer technology in the late 20th century,” – Accenture CTO, Paul Daugherty   Artificial Intelligence seeks to create systems that can sense, learn, think, and interact independently Artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzz-worthy term that many throw out…

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An Efficient Way to Find Relevant Investments Quickly

Download Projected to Raise to learn about Cyndx's proprietary model for identifying which companies will raise capital within the next six months, with 86% precision.