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Custom Comparables, Powering Your Private Company Valuation Analyses

Graphic: VectorMine/ Custom Comparables is a powerful new feature available on the Cyndx platform that displays select valuation multiples for similar, publicly traded companies based on your search criteria. In one simple step, companies can be added, or removed, from your search criteria to dynamically adjust the relevant publicly-traded companies included in the analysis, thus,…

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5G and Entertainment

Graphic: TarikVision / Shutterstock Following yesterday’s blog about the impact of 5G on IoT, it seems extremely relevant to expand on the benefits of 5G to other sectors, primarily entertainment. Some of the most immediate effects of 5G will be seen in the media and entertainment space, unlocking new revenues currently limited by slow speeds,…

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Increasing Data Protection of Your Investment Portfolio

Graphic: Joe Therasakdhi / Shutterstock In an era where financial transactions are being done online and the majority of banking has been transformed by technology, financial cyber crimes have unfortunately followed suit. Along with sectors like healthcare and the government, the finance world has had to adapt to the increasing number of cyber attacks being…

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An Efficient Way to Find Relevant Investments Quickly

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