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Seed vs. Series A: which to consider for your capital raise

Financing rounds come in all shapes, sizes, and letters. Each raise has its own characteristics and players, and is situational to the current company’s position in the market. Most commonly, confusion arises among early stage financing, particularly with the benefits of seed vs. Series A financing. What classifies each, and who are the main investors that…

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What are convertible notes (and why investors love them)

When you are looking to raise capital, a lot of options are available with a lot of strings attached: Bootstrapping Credit Cards Friends and Family Equity Financing Bank Loans Larceny (not recommended) Crowd fundraising For a budding entrepreneur it all can be quite overwhelming. Even for seasoned and serial entrepreneurs, usually it falls to the…

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Equity vs Debt: which is best to finance your business?

Figuring out how to finance your business is an important consideration with major consequences. For startups and growth companies, raising capital typically comes in two forms:  Equity capital and Debt capital. As an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the benefits and repercussions associated with either, or a combination of the two. Both offer situational advantages, however…

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